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Eerie Erie 5K 10K Running Training Tips

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Week 2

Run More This Week and Add In Warding Patterns of Movement

Eerie Erie 5K 10K Running Tips

This plan, as all plans, is just a recommendation. As with the start of any exercise program, consult with a physician before beginning anything new.

Each week, I will provide different tips to help you run towards your goal. If you are new to the running world, start slow and if you have been running for a while, these guidelines will be good reminders.

In addition to running, I highly recommend a simple and basic strength training and core training program to supplement your running. Strength training will make your bones, ligaments, and tendons stronger so you can run …For Your Life™

If you have specific questions regarding your training, please contact me. As a certified running coach I might have some tools in my toolbox to help you build a better running style or fitness level.

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5K Tip of the Week

Week 2 – Add in One Extra Day of running

– Add in one extra day of running. This will build you to 3 days of running.

Just go run and see how far you can go and see how long it takes until you need to stop or walk. You will now be running three days this week and it will bring your distance up just slightly for the week

– Add in 2 days of cross training

– Running 3-8 miles per week

For the more advanced 5K runner- Add in 2-3 tempo pick ups in your 3 weekly runs. Increase your tempo for 2 minutes for 2-3 sets in each days run.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text delay=”0″]

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Eerie Erie 5K 10K Running Tips

10K Tip of the Week

Week 2 -Add in the third day of running.

– Add in 2-3 pick ups on your runs. Increase tempo a few times for up to 2 minutes on each of your runs.

– Add in 2 days of cross training

– Running at least 10-15 miles per week

Assuming you have some running experience, this is a little longer run (6.2 miles) so building some endurance will be key to finishing strong.

For the advanced 10K runner, add in 1 day where you will pick a route to run with more hills.

Eerie Erie 5K 10K Running Tips

Tips For Both Runs

Include warding patterns of movement in your cross training workouts

( Warding Pattern Ideas in video above and Here)

Include at least 2 days of cross training

Eat right after your run (within 30 minutes consume protein and carbs)

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