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Healthy Altitudes In Home Personal Training, Health Coaching, and Online Fitness Classes

Health, Coaching, Personal Training Online + In-Person

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Health Coaching

Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you realize your goals and achieve greater success.

Personal Training

Gary is a trusted and respected fellow business professional that will challenge, motivate, mentor, and above all inspire.

Classes + Events

Coaching is the process of working with a collaborative partner in a comfortable, empathetic, and supported environment.

Let's Go On An Adventure ...For Your Life™

Happy and Healthy Altitudes to You.

My name is Gary Gianetti and I believe “Every pedal stroke forward is a push in the right direction.” Let’s collaborate, build community, and communicate.

As a collaborator, my team and I set a world record raising funds and cycling over 5000 miles in 50 days to raise awareness about cancer and it’s effects on families and communities.

As a communicator, I am passionate about dedicating my life to service and helping others reach towards their goals. I strive to help people be their best self possible.

As a community builder, my experiences in academics, real life applications, and community involvement help my clients and classes have fun while we get it done. Education, engagement, and empowerment are three pillars to my coaching style.

I believe we can all do amazing things if we work hard, have fun, and set goals.

Read a summary of the Ride For Your Life 2007 here.

Success Stories

"Great personal trainer! Loved working with him. Personable and helpful plus he gives good advice about life in general. Very positive!"
Client Testimonial
"I Did Something Awesome..." "I did aerobics, and strength, and balance, and emotional stuff..." "Thank You Gary"
Coaching Client
Gary is simply the most knowledgeable, professional fitness consultant that I have encountered. His most outstanding characteristic in this most competitive environment is that the clients take precedent and are respected.
Coaching Client Testimonial

Services and Pricing

Health Coaching
  • Zoom Coaching
  • In Person Coaching- Erie Studio
  • Monthly workshops
Personal Training
  • At Your Location
  • In person coaching
  • Monthly workshops
Classes and Events
  • Unlimited Online Fitness Classes
  • Up To 4 Classes Weekly
  • Monthly workshops
There is no time like the present. Let me help you get to your goals.
  • Client Testimonials

    I have been trained by Gary off and on for 10 years. When my sister moved to town and needed a trainer, I immediately contacted Gary. I am lucky enough to also be working out regularly with my sister and Gary.

  • Schedule a Discovery Session

    Learn more about your potential and how you can reach towards a healthier lifestyle today, tomorrow, and ...For Your Life

  • We Can Meet You There!

    Get out of a gym and get better results, fun, and relationships with a focus on health and happiness.

Gary has many great qualities, and here are some that stand out for me: - Great attitude and loves life - this enthusiasm rubs off. Even on the hardest days, he keeps us motivated - Depth of knowledge - Gary understands body and muscle mechanics. He understands what to protect, what causes pain, what creates strength, and how to get the most out of every workout - safely! - Working with different fitness and ability levels - Gary understands each individual's abilities and fitness level and offers options for every person. We all get the workout we came for - Setting high expectations - Gary pushes us to be everything we can be and doesn't let age or ability get in the way of setting great goals for ourselves - Flexibility - Gary was working with us at home and easily switched up his programs to live video. Every workout is as effective as the in-person training and has the same amount of value - Integrity - Gary has a high level of commitment and integrity I highly recommend Gary for so many reasons and look forward to being trained by him for many years to come.
Ann Z
Coaching Client Testimonial

Get in Touch

Free Zoom Consultation

A complimentary meeting provides the opportunity to discuss your goals, and see how we can work together.

Flexible Schedule

I understand how busy life can be so I’m happy to work together to fit within your schedule.

Customized and Individualized

Your privacy is very important to us therefore a confidentiality agreement is always signed at the outset.

Schedule a Discovery Meeting

I would love to connect with you and discuss how we can work today. If the times on this calendar don't work, email me and we can find a better time for you.

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