Healthy Altitudes

Back to Basics Online

Join us for a 45 minute total body beginner to intermediate workout session. The focus ins on strength, core, balance, and more in a slower paced class that will work on form and technique over speed and cardiovascular fitness. This is a great supplement to the other classes offered in the mornings.

Total Body- Tuesdays/Thursdays 9 AM

Total Body Stretch

Wednesdays at 8:15 AM

Back to Basics 

Fridays 6:30-7:15 AM

More Online Fitness Classes (All Ages)

This package for 8 classes will enable you to join online classes on:

Each class is 9 dollars (credits). The class length will be 40 minutes and include some body-weight exercises, band exercises, and dumbbell exercises… of course it will also include smiles, fun facts, and good people. We will have ways for you to Be Active, Eat Well, and Stay Happy Right at home and …For Your Life ™

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