Healthy Altitudes

You Are Here!

By Gary Gianetti MS

When you look at maps, you orient ourselves to where you are right now then determine where you want to go. This is important in life too. You need to look at life and say, You are here today and ask where will you go tomorrow?

There are roads, paths, and trails, that we traverse to get to our end destination. Obstacles, people, weather, and more can get in our way on the journey. Along the way, you might need help from a map, a compass, a friend, a passerby, or technology. No matter how you get to where you are going, you need to keep your orientation and the goal in mind. You might revisit a map regularly to see where you are currently, and to determine how close you are to where you are going. It takes time, patience, persistence, and a sense of adventure to want to continue on your path instead of just turning around and going back to where you started. It takes focus to prevent getting lost on your way.

Check out these three actionable tips to navigate more effectively:

  1. Appreciate today. Be inspired daily for what tomorrow can bring. New surprises, good or bad, make us who we are today and tomorrow. Learn from the bad and appreciate the good.
  2. Allow opportunity to knock. Know when to close doors, open new ones when someone knocks, and lock old ones that are useless today and won’t help tomorrow.
  3. Use resources effectively. Don’t procrastinate and wait until a better time. Use your compass when needed, for directions, plan ahead, watch the weather, etc. Put pride aside and ask for help when you need it.

Use landmark navigation in the form of pictures to map your journey. Take pictures wherever you are today and keep a journal. In six months, review your pictures to see where you are on your path to your “destination”. Lift your head just a little higher after you reach a destination and see where you can go next.