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Winning the Lottery – Is it a Dream!?

When we hear on the news that someone has won the lottery, the first thing most people think is, “I wish that was me!” Why do we feel this way?Healthy Altitudes- Winning The Lottery Dream

Given that there are some people who are just not that happy with their current job and daily life, they need to step back and say, “what would winning the lotto do to make daily life better?”

Winning the lotto will not change any problems in your daily life or family life. If anything, it’ll make it worse because people will come out of the woodwork asking for something. If you won the lottery, would it give you a mental escape from reality? Maybe.  You would likely want to go on lots of trips and buy some expensive items, but at some point, the excitement of this would wear off, and then what will you be left with? The more money you had, the more you could essentially “do,” right?

Wrong.  All that money might allow you to be out nightly. You may over indulge in food and alcohol and thus become physically unhealthy. This could prohibit you from having time for the gym and hinder healthy eating habits while setting a poor example of health for your family or friends.  That is not something that would make people happy down the road.  Your mental health might suffer from all the new changes and anxiety that would come with everyone asking you for something or maintaining all the new things you bought.


Instead of waiting to win the lotto, if you feel that by doing so would  give you this new amazing life, than make the change NOW.

You do not need a ton of money to make changes or to be happy, you just need to figure out what you truly want, focus, and accomplish it.  If you are unhappy in your job then start looking for a new one.

Just because you are comfortable where you are, does not mean you need to stay there if you feel you aren’t reaching your full potential. If you want to go on another vacation next year, plan ahead. Take on an extra project to earn some extra money, or put a little of your paycheck away each month, this way you have the money for another vacation.

All the things you want may be in arms reach without winning the lotto. You can make the changes you are envisioning if you had won the lotto, what are you waiting for?  Change jobs, go on that extra vacation, go to that restaurant you’ve always wanted, and spend time with the people you love. Appreciate what you have today. Live as if you won the lotto because winning the lotto might just bring more problems than good. Try and have the best of both worlds!