Healthy Altitudes

What You Do Is Not Always Who You Are

By Gary Gianetti MS

Just last week I was on the soccer sidelines talking to another parent. We talked about skiing, life, mowing lawns, and mounting TVs to the wall. It was great. We talked as neighbors, strangers with common topics to discuss, simple things we both enjoyed. This is so refreshing to remember who we are and how it is different than what we do for work. It didn’t matter that I am a coach and he is an engineer.

As parents, professionals, volunteers, business owners, or neighbors, we are healthy or unhealthy, happy or unhappy, or every day athletes in the race of life. Rarely does what we do define who we are. This is an important thing to consider in today’s world where working from home can blur lines. Here are some tips to help you maintain balance of life, work, and happiness.

  1. Be present and create purposeful use of your present space. Don’t watch TV or work in a bedroom, etc… Use it for sleeping and sex.
  2. Plan your kitchen so your snacks are out of the main line of sight. This will help you eat well and avoid over snacking when it is so easy to do.
  3. Reach out to friends in person, online, and at events. Find common things to talk about that are positive to help you and others around you stay happy with the present moment.

At your next party, try this activity: Discuss only hobbies. Anytime someone asks what you do, act like you are a CIA agent and make it a game to be as creative as possible to avoid the conversation and come back to a hobby. It is tough sometimes because people think that you are what you do.

I encourage you to explore who you are and what you do separately. Don’t let your job define you, be sure to find an authentic self that works with your passions. Remember, a job is what you do, not who you are. We can work for a living so we can keep living in a world of possibilities, so find what excites you.

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