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Enjoy the Gift That Time Has Given You

By Gary Gianetti MS

Time is a construct we all use. People love it, hate it, and even want more of it. It’s kind of like ketchup and it goes with everything… So for today, let’s talk about how to appreciate the best of it. The Gift of Time at Healthy Altitudes

Time is one resource that once used it can never come back. This is important because right now, people have been given a gift of time. Many companies have changed policies, workforces have been reduced permanently or temporarily, people have been forced to spend more time with family, our online friends, and most importantly ourselves. Many people simply have had to re-evaluate and change how they use their time in a short amount of time. It shocked many people while making other nervous, fearful, anxious, or stressed out. These changes made many have to use their time differently. These changes occur on a smaller scale every day for all of us… we often have the day change when a meeting gets cancelled, a client cancels, your child gets sick, work projects demand more or less, etc… you get the idea.

As you take time to explore your passions and explore what this change of time has done for you, it would be great to make some longer term changes for the better that can help you appreciate your time more in the future. Be proactive and think about what you will do the next time you are gifted with time. There are several apps you can use to make lists. Make a list of things you will do with you time when it is gifted to you. When the time comes, you can easily pull up your list of ideas and projects you need to complete and get to work, while saving time. So… How do you use your gift of extra time when it is given to you? Please feel free to share your ideas with us on Facebook.

Here are 4 simple tips to help you appreciate your gift of time (when you are given that gift):

  1. Put down your technology and really listen to what your needs are. Listen to what your needs are. Not just on social media but think about who may be able to benefit from something positive you can do for them.
  2. Use your schedule effectively and assess what you will do differently when you get back to a new schedule or back to using time differently. You have been successfully making changes now to accommodate this gift, how did it make you feel? What will you do to use your time and schedule more effectively in the future?
  3. Make time for things you love now and in the future. Think about experiences you have had in the past and what you really enjoyed… know that those experiences can or will happen again. Make time to make them happen again… schedule that cancelled spring break trip for next year.
  4. Make time for people you love now and as you review your schedule going forward. Make time to enjoy something you love with the people you love. Social distance or taking time away makes the heart grow fonder, come back to your groups with love, passion, and excitement that you get to spend time with each other.

Take alone time. You may even find that it can create fear, anxiety, or make you feel uneasy. Embrace that feeling and think about why it might make you feel those things. Then as you recognize those feelings, take a step forward to realize, this is an opportunity, a gift, a way to learn something new a time you have to complete something different or a time to make a difference in another person’s life.

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