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Toss the Sauce and go Sugar-Free!

With only a few more weeks left to enjoy the warm summer weather, there’s no better time to get outside and hit the grill! Nothing beats a home cooked burger straight from the backyard, especially when you sub the beef for a healthier and leaner turkey or veggie patty. There are tons of ways to make your bbq healthier, especially when you add veggies and cut down on the oil. However, folks tend to overlook one key component of the burger—the sauce! The condiments you put on your meal can be the difference between a lean, healthy treat and a sugary overload. Did you know there’s about 1 cup of sugar in a single 19-gram bottle of Jack Daniel’s Barbeque Sauce?

The average American consumes about 77 grams of sugar per day, and a large amount of that comes from sauces, condiments, and spreads. Check out the following brands to significantly cut down on your daily sugar intake without sacrificing the sweet or savory satisfaction of your favorite topping!

BBQ Sauce:

G Hughes makes a sugar-free barbeque sauce with a rich blend of spice and sweetness that’ll make you forget all about your regular brands. In addition to offering a wide assortment of BBQ flavors, G Hughes also has sugar-free ketchup and a few other unique options! You can even find this brand at your local Target or Walmart—check it out!

Sriracha Sauce:

If you enjoy a spicy kick to your meal, then you’ll be delighted to know that the common Huy Fong brand of Sriracha Sauce has no sugar added! (Yep, that’s the one with the rooster on the bottle!) This makes it a much healthier option when compared to your standard hot sauce.


Mayo is an absolute staple of the American sandwich, and surprisingly Hellman’s Mayonnaise has absolutely no sugar! (Tip: combine it with a few drops of sriracha to make a quick and easy chipotle mayonnaise.)


Many Americans swear by their mustard, and luckily for them French’s Classic Mustard has no sugar! Stay away from the honey mustard though—and if you can’t resist, then try the sugar-free honey mustard alternative from G Hughes!