Healthy Altitudes

3 Healthy Investments …For Your Life

By Gary Gianetti, MS

We are in a time of change and it can be scary, nerve-racking, and different. The stock market is out of control, the corona-virus is not under control, people are socially isolated, gyms are closed, and people are inside while being less 

Social Capital With Healthy Altitudes

active than usual. With all these changes, what is a steady change we can make to take control of our future at such a turbulent time? What is a change that will give you a positive return on your investment?

Here’s a hint: Think about these three things: Social Capital, A Home Gym, and Happiness

1. Social Capital.

This term is defined as: “the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively.”

We are all in this together. The changes we face now, will affect everyone later. We need to put our social capital together to build each other up and stand up to the changes and get to where we can be stronger. We can be stronger… We can evolve… and to do that we need to invest in our health as a community and as individuals. There is no time like the present that exposes the good and bad in our world. People will always be affected by mental illness, addiction, depression, despair, economic change, and more… But just like always, there are resources in the community to help guide you to your happiness. Even the greatest depression our country has ever seen rebounded to build a resilient and economically strong country with communities thriving with social capital as a backbone. Think about your neighborhood or Facebook as examples of social capital.

Fun Fact: Did you know Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity during times of social isolation while the plague was running rampant? Check out the article here

2. A Home Gym – The gyms are closed and there is nothing you can do about it. Suck it up buttercup. I know it sounds harsh. But seriously, go outside or invest your gym membership dues to build a home gym or a bicycle. Despite, every gym owner asking you to keep paying dues through this shut down… why not empower yourself and invest in yourself to exercise on your own? You made this change already… keep on going. There are so many online resources for workout ideas both free and paid, use them. When/if you need to go back to a gym, join an inexpensive one or just pay the drop in rate the 1 time per week that you may need to go to the gym. You can get fit right at home so you can spend more time with your family and less time driving to and from a gym to exercise. You can continue to have social capital investments with so many of the available online communities that are popping up everywhere. Use a gym once a week or just get outside for functional fitness with your friends and family. (disclaimer: sorry gym owners, we all lose money in this but we all should also be in this to help people get healthier and happier)

Fun Fact: Did you know that before gyms, people actually walked outside for exercise? You too can make this habit change and in the process free up hundreds or thousands of dollars a year that you can use to learn other things. Those things might be the things you just can’t get motivated to do, hire a coach. Learn golf, learn soccer, or learn how to build that brick walkway in your backyard. Doing new things is an investment in your mental health.

3. Happiness is a key component (maybe the most important) to making your investment in health whether it is your own or for your community. Think about the happiness we built in the past, the happiness we are building now, and where our happiness can go in the future. Times like these, when we invest in the health and happiness of our communities, are important. We learn we don’t need to only patronize and invest in local businesses, but we need to invest in actual people. We need to pay it forward with a smile now to get one back later. We need to invest positive energy now to help people realize we will get back to a “normal” way of life. People will smile when they know you are investing in them for who they are not just what they do. Everybody will somehow be impacted from the experiences of social distancing, fear of change, watching money decrease as they settle into retirement, as a loved one dies, or as they can’t access their gym. What you do with the experiences you gain is what will make you a better person. We all have bills, we all have to make ends meet but let’s all take a minute to smile and breathe and ask a neighbor if they need anything. Just asking makes people happier and feel better.

Fun Fact: Happiness is actually scientifically proven to be improved if you exercise. Read More Here

The current times require some changes. We need to adapt or, like our ancestors, we will become extinct. These changes make us stronger and more readily able to adapt to future stressors. Change is something we all will face at some point. Embrace this change and invest your energy into the things you can control. The most important thing you have control of is your health. Invest in the health of your community, invest in a home gym, and invest into your happiness by helping others and they will be happier too.  An easy way to start investing is with exercise and breathing. Exercise has been show to help anxiety, stress, sleep, depression, and so much more. All of these are common feelings people experience when change is brought upon them. Know that these changes will pass and exercise can help alleviate some of the things listed above. Changes in health also requires more than exercise. Changes require belief in your community, your health, and your self. Believe that you can make a change, you have done it before, and that everything will be okay.  You got this!

If for any reason you need to talk or get exercise ideas to help with depression, anxiety, medical needs, or anything else, I am offering complimentary 30 minute coaching meetings via Zoom to keep people socially connected. Please feel free to reach out and I can help you find resources to reach your goals.

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