Healthy Altitudes

A fun fact is that over 80% of New Year resolutions are not kept. So why make a resolution instead of making a change in behavior …For Your Life™ anytime of the year?

Changes in behavior or habits can take hard work, discipline, and a good plan; even when you might slip. 

The unconventional tips below might help you succeed with changes in behaviors and start you off with the end in mind. Can you identify what changes you want to make and why you want the change?  Take time to visualize what it will feel like, look like, smell like, and taste like when you achieve your change and when you are in doubt, come back to those sensory perceptions. 

These unconventional questions may be more thought provoking than saying “just breathe” or “if you fall down get back up” or other cliché sayings. Ask yourself these questions about your resolution: 

  1. What are you getting out of the habit? Are you trying to wake up from coffee, wind down from wine? What are alternative ways to get the same feeling? 
  2. Where are you when the habit is calling you? Can you change location and change your mindset, and in the process change your habit or behavior?
  3. What do your friends and family say? Are they supportive? Do they try to pressure you?
  4. What person, place, or thing, triggers your behavior or habit? 
  5. What are the steps required to reach your goal? Is it a lifelong goal, is it something you want to change for a set amount of time? What will life be like if your goal is reached?
  6. Are you being realistic with the timelines to reach your change? 

With the New Year coming soon, embrace change and priorities, failure and success, goals and realizations, and maybe even find ways to succeed with a new healthy habit. Think about being realistic and ask yourself, why am I trying to make a resolution? Try not to rationalize too much and stick to your plan. You got this.