Healthy Altitudes

Everyone rejoice! Pandemic restrictions are changing. You are free to move about the cabin. Well kind of…  

Are you ready to be social and build memories with family and friends again?

Pause to ask yourself:  What did I take for granted before the pandemic? What have I gained from the lesson (other than weight)? Set an intention to create habits and build preventive practices that maybe you should have been doing before COVID. Let’s get back to the basics. This is today and there might not be a tomorrow if you don’t take care of yourself.

Here are 4 basic tips as we head into sunnier days ahead:

  1. Eat your fruits and veggies – increase fiber and decrease risk of disease
  2. Be active for at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week and up to 250 minutes for weight loss – helps you burn off the COVID 15 or weight gain
  3. Always use sunscreen – decrease risk of skin cancer
  4. Wash your hands and drink more water – easy to do and good for you and others

Simply put, primary prevention is eating well, regular exercise, and healthy habits. Secondary prevention is preventing further disease or disability from occurring. Tertiary prevention is rehabilitation after a disease and preventing it from coming back.

Education is a powerful tool to help at all levels of prevention and …For Your Life™

As we look forward, set specific intentions with social re-integration, health promotion, and prevention in mind. Hit reset and think about things you can do at all levels of prevention to reduce risk, harm, damage to your body, or those around you.

With these tips, get on your way to preventing the onset of disease, disability, or discomfort. Let’s learn from the lesson that COVID taught us; we need to gain better control of our health and enjoy today, for we don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Stay strong, stay ahead of the curve, and keep on being open to learning new ways to be healthier every day! Get back to basics. And for goodness sake, go get some fresh air and sun … but wear your sunscreen!