Healthy Altitudes

It’s You… Or Wait, Is It Me?

Have you ever heard “that sounds like a you problem” jokingly?

Let’s talk about mental health and how a “you” can affect you and me.

Things like bullying, negativity, unrealistic expectations, false information and their presence on social media or in real life can be difficult things to deal with and they can affect your mental health or others around you.

We can choose how we let things affect us and we can decide if it is problem with “you” or “me” or both.

A few skills to practice in these times of mental challenge:

– Pause and try to focus on the positive path forward for ourselves and those around us.

– How can/would a “you” problem be perceived or become a “me” problem?

– Search for a mutual benefit and a win-win solution for everyone.

You are in control of who you are and what you let affect your physical and mental health.  

Everyday you make choices like wearing a seatbelt, a mask, or sunscreen, or whether you blow cigarette smoke in someone’s face.  We do some of these things automatically and other things we think more about. I challenge you to explore this question when you make your next health decision, “am I making this decision for you, for me, or for us?”

Let’s use our experiences to create positive opportunities and to teach others something healthy. We become who we are and improve our lives from experiences good and bad. Let’s share together a healthier future through good choices for you, me, and us. As an advisor in grad school once suggested, “It’s who we are that counts, not just what we do.”  This lesson to remember …For Your Life™

Others can’t tell you who you are or that your actions are wrong. We can respect their choices while trying to work towards a more mentally healthy lifestyle together.

Next time you see someone make that unhealthy choice, don’t get upset, instead ask: Is it me? Is it them? Who will be effected by this decision? And maybe most importantly, who cares?