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A Family Fun Idea For An Indoor Egg Hunt Exercise
Fitness Fun Egg Hunt Family Activity Idea

This is a fun and simple way to be active while being cooped up in the house or outside if you have nice weather and want to run around. It can be done anytime of the year and the kids and parents can keep busy for at least 30 minutes and meet the ACSM recommendations for physical activity for the day.

Kids love the variations as they can mix things up, use creativity, and work together to have fun. Adults love this because i involves math, reading, critical thinking, physical exercise, and fun. 

Ready for the game… 

First, find some eggs, or anything really, that you can put notes in and hide. I think for little kids, eggs work and for older kids you can increase the challenge by hiding other things with harder tasks and more critical thinking skills. 

Next, get as many post it notes as you need to put in each egg. I used 6-8 because my kids are little. 

Then, on each post it note, write a one word action verb that kids can perform a series of times. You can either pick a set number like 10 and ask kids to do each activity 10 times and have them count out loud or you can add a separate paper with a number of “reps” inside for kids to read and count when they find that egg activity. 

Then- Hide the eggs (or whatever you pick to hide) withe the eggcercises and number of reps inside. Go crazy, make them high, low, make kids climb on things and get things to stand on to find them… it will keep them busy and active longer anyway…  (you can do the eggcercises with them, get back to making dinner, work, or picking your nose) 

After they find all the eggs, repeat. 


Share how you do it.with us… 

Eggcellent Eggcercise!

Easter Egg Hunt Family Home Fitness Fun

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