Healthy Altitudes

In November people grow mustaches, change clocks, watch sports, and most importantly give thanks at Thanksgiving. Things are a little different in 2020.

As you kick off your holiday season and celebrate, think about friendships, coming together, putting differences aside, family, and sharing meals together. There are simple things and basic tenets we all need to keep in focus through a pandemic (or not). Lots of things come at us daily. We need to remember to be genuine, realistic, and helpful to those around us.

I encourage you to ask yourself, “What am I pleased to have, what am I thankful for?” I invite you to write down things that make you happy on your bathroom mirror and practice these things daily. Take time to share things that make you happy with people around you, online or in person.

Gratefulness is important because it is a feeling inside of you and not dependent on those around you. What you are grateful for is not something others can control. In other words, you have an ability to be you through the negative and positive. Think of what you are really grateful for and where you can share your feelings of kindness and appreciation.

The feeling you get when being thankful is called gratitude. Consider how you express your gratitude. Do you help your family, your community, your friends, a neighbor, or the world to show your gratefulness and thankfulness? This is something we all can practice daily by being kind and compassionate towards others and their circumstances in life.

All through the month of November and …For Your Life™, I encourage you to try to look on the bright side and work towards happiness for yourself and for those around you. With intentional gratitude, you will be part of the solution to make a better world. With regular practice, awareness, introspection, and a willingness to look for the good in things, you can reduce stress, elevate your mood, and feel stronger and more resilient.