January 1952- September 2002

We can run for our lives...

...we can smile for our lives...

...we can eat well for our lives...

and, we can RIDE FOR OUR LIVES!


This Benefit Event Is
For All Cancer Survivors,
Families, and Communities:

A majority of America has been affected by cancer and it may have been you, a friend, a family member, a neighbor, or a coworker. No matter who it was- we all hate this disease. We have seen cancer effect over 10 million Americans every year. Certain types of cancer can be prevented and physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk factors for the disease. Survivors include all the people listed above. Cancer can affect anybody at any time, but we can always learn more to reduce our risk and manage the aftermath effectively with family and community support.

I speak from first hand experience. A few years ago I lost my mom, to cancer. She was only 52 years young and a 35 year smoker. My entire family changed after this loss. My mom’s death may have been prevented if she quit sooner-While we can’t change the past, and suing cigarette companies is not responsible. We can change behaviors. I used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day before becoming Mr. Connecticut, running marathons, and riding a bike for 100 miles at a time.

The Ride For Your Life needs your help and commitment to save someone’s life. Please donate today so funds can be allocated to smoking cessation and cancer empowerment programs including physical activity. I also challenge any smoker to quit smoking for the 50 days that I ride my bike 5000 miles. I will ride for 8 hours a day- you quit smoking for 8 hours a day.

Let’s not lose more good people to this disgusting habit. Let’s be strong and take care of ourselves to see our families grow.

Join me for part of a ride or an entire ride; bring your family, friends, smokers, active people or inactive people. Let’s take some time to be physically active, think about your own health and your family.

We can all take responsibility for our own health.

This is why you should get out and