Healthy Altitudes

Let's Go On An Adventure ...For Your Life™

Happy and Healthy Altitudes to You.

My name is Gary Gianetti and I believe “Every pedal stroke forward is a push in the right direction.” Let’s collaborate, build community, and communicate.

As a collaborator, my team and I set a world record raising funds and cycling over 5000 miles in 50 days to raise awareness about cancer and it’s effects on families and communities.

As a communicator, I am passionate about dedicating my life to service and helping others reach towards their goals. I strive to help people be their best self possible.

As a community builder, my experiences in academics, real life applications, and community involvement help my clients and classes have fun while we get it done. Education, engagement, and empowerment are three pillars to my coaching style.

I believe we can all do amazing things if we work hard, have fun, and set goals.

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