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Our story

Born In Steamboat Springs Colorado in 2006, The Healthy Altitudes team visited all 50 United States of America in 50 record breaking days traversing over 5000 miles by bicycle to engage, educate, and empower individuals, families, and communities affected by cancer. This wHealthy Altitudes Ride For Your Life 2007as the Ride For Your Life. We rode for you, your family, your community. The proceeds from the ride benefitted groups of all ages and abilities affected by cancer. Thousand dollars were raised, thousands of people were engaged and empowered, and thousands of lives were changed.

The mission in 2007 was simple:

To help people realize there can be positive in a negative situation. You can work towards a healthier lifestyle every day.

And… You can have fun with fitness and food.

Gary Gianetti, MS Certified Health CoachOn this amazing journey, Gary, the founder, learned more about how so many people get affected by their lifestyle choices.

From the “Ride For Your Life” onwards, Gary has engaged others with health, happiness, programs, and civic engagement to help communities become healthier and happier. We want to grow with you and keep things agile to scale up or down depending on the project and goal. We will continue to educate and to learn while we  provide unparalleled services to the needs of those who want to improve their lifestyle through health, fitness, food, or fun.

The mission in 2022 is the same!

We will continue to work with individuals, families, and communities of all abilities to be active, eat well, and stay happy …For Your Life™


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